Introducing 136 iMac Pro’s to support our Engineers and Designers

Japanese Ver.

(This article is an English translation of the article published in April 2018.)

Hi, I’m Yuka Inui, Editor of Reach One.

Today I am very happy to tell you the story about the introduction of the most powerful Mac, the iMac Pro. 136 of them just arrived at BizReach and we plan to introduce them successively at our company.

Many iMac Pro’s are lined up in the corridor.

Why do we introduce iMac Pro’s?

30% of our employees are engineers or designers. There technological and designing capabilities are the core of our business success.


For example, the AI team that has been founded in 2016 is focusing on research and development. Their cutting-edge machine learning-technology and data mining knowledge empower our business. While thinking about sustainable revenue and growth is important, we also innovate constantly in order to find the next big thing and make existing products better. For example, our AI team has recently published the “Word vector” natural language algorithm acquired from stanby - our job search engine. Approx. 1 billion words coming from job descriptions have been parsed using various techniques such as Japanese language algorithms and crawling. In view of the importance of technology to our company, we decided to boost engineering productivity and provided all engineers and designers with a development environment that fits everyone’s style.

(1) iMac Pro + MacBookPro
(2) MacBookPro High-spec version of the 13inch/15inch

136 iMac Pro’s

The recently arrived 136 iMac Pro’s



We opened them quickly and put them side by side. While setting them up and preparing them for delivery to our engineers and designers.



Can’t wait to see them used in operation.

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Yuka Inui

Experience of working at a bank and in the career advisory field at an employment agency after graduating from University. She joined BizReach in 2018. Working at the Human Resources Department and is in charge of HR marketing related activities and works as an Editor of Reach One. She is good at singing impersonations.